Dr. Sheikh Rabiul Islam is a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and a faculty member of CCIB (Center for Computational and Integrative Biology) at Rutgers University - Camden . Dr. Islam’s research interests center around Explainable and Fair Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity, Social Good, and Health Informatics. He developed many techniques to infuse external knowledge (e.g., domain knowledge, social values) into the decision and explanation process of Artificial Intelligence-based automated decision systems (i.e., black box) to make the decision (e.g., predictive policing, public funding allocation, disease symptoms and impact analysis, credit approval, digital forensics) fairer and more explainable. Prior to Rutgers, he was an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Hartford for three years. Dr. Islam earned his Ph.D. in Engineering (Computer Science) from Tennessee Tech University in 2020. He had the privilege of receiving co-guidance from Dr. William Eberle and Dr. Sheikh Ghafoor throughout his Ph.D. studies.


  • Ph.D. in Engineering (Computer Science) from the Tennessee Tech University. (2015-2020)
  • MS in Computer Science from the Tennessee Tech University. (2015-2018)
  • BSc in Computer Science and Information Technology from the Islamic University of Technology. (2007-2010)



  • University of Hartford: College of Arts and Science Outstanding Faculty Award, 2022
  • Award: Student Travel Award, ACM SIGKDD, 2019
  • GRA from College of Engineering grants recognizing Carnegie classification, Fall 2019 - Spring 2020
  • Award: Ivanhoe Fellowship, 2017
  • Member, IEEE
  • Member, AAAI
  • President, Computer Science Graduate Club, 2018 - 2019
  • Member, Computer Science Student Advisory Council, 2018 - 2019


  • Assistant Professor, Rutgers University - Camden, (2023 - ): Current research interests include Explainable and Fair Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity, Social Good, and Health Informatics. Leading Cybersecurity, Accountability, Fairness, and Explainability (CAFÉ) Research Group at Rutgers.
  • Assistant Professor, University of Hartford, (August, 2020 to August 2023): Worked on extending the scope of explainable AI towards mitigating other pressing AI-related concerns such as fairness and transparency of decisions in different application areas.
  • Graduate Research Assistant , Tennessee Tech University, (August 2018 to May, 2020): Worked on Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) with a focus on uncovering and incorporating useful domain knowledge from an application domain (e.g., Finance, Security) that will enhance the explainability and interpretability of AI-based complex models.
  • Advanced Short-Term Research Intern , Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), (Summer, 2018): Worked on an automated and generalized malware detection technique from host logs.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Tennessee Tech University, (2015-2018): Worked on different research and software development projects. Also, instructed some undergraduate labs (C++, Database).
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  • Knowledge-infused and Explainable Malware Forensics,
    Neha Mohan Kumar and Sheikh Rabiul Islam
    Accepted in FLAIRS-37
  • Advances in Explainable, Fair, and Trustworthy AI,
    Sheikh Rabiul Islam, Ingrid Russell, William Eberle, Douglas Talbert, and Md Golam Moula Mehedi Hasan
    [External Link]
  • Explainable Deep Learning Models for Dynamic and Online Malware Classification,
    Quincy Card, Daniel Simpson, Kshitiz Aryal, Maanak Gupta, Sheikh Rabiul Islam
    Accepted at IEEE SmartComp
  • Multimodal and Explainable Android Adware Classification Techniques,
    Momoreoluwa Ayinde, Sheikh Rabiul Islam, Iman Dehzangi, and Fahmida Tasnim Lisa
    Accepted in FLAIRS-37
  • Multi-modal Machine Learning Model for Mobile Malware Classification,
    Fahmida Tasnim Lisa, Sheikh Rabiul Islam, and Neha Mohan Kumar
    Accepted in XAI 2024


  • Evaluating Fairness in Predictive Policing System Using Domain Knowledge,
    Ava Downey, Sheikh Rabiul Islam, Md Kamruzzaman Sarker
    [external link]
  • Incorporating the Concept of Bias and Fairness in Cybersecurity Curricular Module,
    Sheikh Rabiul Islam, Ingrid Russell, and Maanak Gupta
    SIGCSE TS 2023
    [external link]


  • Book: Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security
    Mohiuddin Ahmed, Sheikh Rabiul Islam, Adnan Anwar, Nour Moustafa, Al-Sakib Khan Pathan
    Springer Nature
    [external link]
  • Incorporating the Concepts of Fairness and Bias into an Undergraduate Computer Science Course to Promote Fair Automated Decision Systems
    Sheikh Rabiul Islam, Ingrid Russell, William Eberle, Darina Dicheva
    SIGCSE TS 2022
    [external link] [pdf]


  • A Supervised Rare Anomaly Detection Technique via Cooperative Co-Evolution-Based Feature Selection using Benchmark UNSW_NB15 Dataset
    A. N. M. Bazlur Rashid, Mohiuddin Ahmed, Sheikh Rabiul Islam
    UbiSec 2021
    [external link]
  • Observing the Unobserved: A Newspaper Based Dengue Surveillance System for the Low-Income Regions of Bangladesh
    Nazia Tasnim, Md. Istiak Hossain Shihab, Moqsadur Rahman, Jillur Rahman Saurav, Sheikh Rabiul Islam, and Mohammad Ruhul Amin
    The 34th International FLAIRS Conference
    [external link] [pdf]


  • Domain Knowledge Aided Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Intrusion Detection and Response
    Sheikh Rabiul Islam, William Eberle, Sheikh K. Ghafoor, Ambareen Siraj, and Mike Rogers
    AAAI-MAKE, 2020
    [external link] [pdf]






  • A clustering scheme for peer-to-peer file searching in mobile ad hoc networks
    Tanzeem Bin Noor, Md Rounok Salehin, Sheikh Rabiul Islam
    International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and Communication Engineering
    [pdf] [external link] [Journal Paper]
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Courses Taught

  • Fair and Explainable Artificial Intelligence (Fall 2023)
  • Data Mining
  • Information Assurance & Cryptography
  • Intrusion Detection and Security
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • Data Structures
  • Principles of Database Systems
  • Computer Networks
  • Foundation of Computing I
  • Foundation of Computing II
  • Programming Foundations
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He is fond of following activities:

  • Playing Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, and Volley Ball.
  • Running a few times a week.
  • Playing multiplayer computer games (e.g., FIFA, CS Strike, Racing Games).
  • Seeing sci-fi movies, series, and documentaries on Netflix.
  • Cooking
  • Reading and following websites, blogs, and newsletters related to Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

He is fond of the following quotes:

There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions – in a way that serves the world and you. - Richard Branson

Respect is how to treat everyone, not just those you want to impress. - Richard Branson

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